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Miami Wedding and Event Planning Studio

April 10, 2015

Miami Wedding and Event planning and design studio in Miami

At The Creative’s Loft, Miami Wedding and Event Planning Studio, we provide with a wide variety of events in Miami and nationwide. Our process of managing events such as meetings, baby-showers, bridal-showers, ceremonies, team building activities, parties, weddings, hidden and pop up events requires a lot of dedication, time and enthusiasm in order to create amazing experiences and unforgettable memories for you. We offer unique event planning and design where we include full service event planning, event service consulting and one-day event coordination. Depending on the service selected, our Event Planning and Creative Studio in Miami provides with event budgeting, event timeline definition, selection and booking of venues, acquiring permits, planning catering, coordinating transportation and a network of vendors. In addition, in our Creative and Design Studio we develop a theme based on your taste and inspiration, a unique creative line for your event, so that we make sure your event is unique and customized.

Unique event planning and design with a European Backgroun

Our approach to the event planning and design process is a customized event proposal for our clients (brides, corporate companies, bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc). We love working with you to make sure that your event overall is designed in an excellent way via a customized planning and design process built just for you. We not only manage every single detail of your event or party, but we also create a unique design specific to your style and aesthetic. The main goal is to reflect who you are as either a bride & groom or a corporate client or a mom-to-be. We work with a very top-selected group of vendors in Miami to ensure we execute your event in an unforgettable way. We work to ensure that you can definitely be a guest at your own party or event and make that experience unique!

Contact us if you have any inquiries and you would like to organize your next creative and special event.


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