1920s Party Inspiration at Villa Vizcaya

1920s Party Inspiration at Villa Vizcaya

Have you ever been in a 1920s Party Inspiration at Villa Vizcaya? If you haven’t…today we are sharing with you a beautiful party we went to last evening at Villa Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami. Our Founder Adriana Cadet was invited to this beautiful Great Gatsby & 1920s Party in one of the most breathtaking venues in Miami.

Planning a 1920s Party Inspiration at Villa Vizcaya is a big deal! The venue has endless corners and spaces… guests were able to enjoy different 1920s games like giant domino, la petanque, hula hops, croquet, etc. In addition, a live jazz band was playing the whole night in the main terrace of the venue and at the end of the soirée some swing dancers took out the scenario to show their amazing performance. The organizer really made a great job as they took us to this “Belle Époque”. The sun was coming down, guests were all dressed up for the occasion, cocktails and beers where offered and the beauty of the space made our evening a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya

Adriana inspired her outfit wearing a unique dress from Anthropologie. She had it at the back of her closet…and decided that it was a nice occasion to wear it. In addition, she add a handmade headband elaborated by her lovely aunt in Spain which incorporated a mini feather on top to make sure she was giving the touch and style she wanted. Another special detail of her outfit was the brooch, a gift from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law…a wonderful relic! Adriana thought it could be a good idea to add some additional feathers to make her look a little bit more accurate to the 20s! Finally to give a unique colorful touch to the outfit she chose one of her favorite purses. Beet color mixed with mustard and gray it was a cool idea and worked!

1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya

1920s_Party Inspiration_at_Villa_Vizcaya