Floral Workshop Miami

Floral Workshop Miami · Getting things ready

Floral Workshop Miami · Getting things ready

Our Floral Workshop Miami preparation has been run by our founder Adriana Castro in the last few days, to make sure everything is ready for this next Sunday, July 12th. The workshop will be hosted at Wynwoond Block, 2621 NW 2nd Ave, Miami.

For this Floral Workshop Miami , The Creative’s Loft makes sure that our vendors are on board since minute one. At this point, we went to one of our favorite flower vendors to buy all the essentials for our ladies. We bought those supplies that they will be using to cut fresh flowers while designing their crowns, as well as the tape, cable and additional details so that the event can become a success. We had a busy morning. The Creative’s Loft went to visit some vendors around the area a whole morning to proceed with the selection of the lowers for our Floral Workshop Miami.

Adriana, went inside the “flower room” to select with Anaís the specific flowers for the event and the floral crowns. She wants to offer a different variety of flowers so that her ladies can design their floral crowns based on their taste. Below, you can find our founder, taking some notes and going around the flower room, analyzing each of the flowers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.37.38 AM
Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.35.23 AM
Floral Workshop Miami18
Floral Workshop Miami17
Floral Workshop Miami16
Floral Workshop Miami10
Floral Workshop Miami7
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Floral Workshop Miami5

One of the most important things while organizing and designing a floral workshop is the selection of your flowers. You need to select strong and flexible flowers, with an appropriate size, as if they are too heavy is going to be harder to design the floral crown. For this occasion, Adriana has selected some carnation, mini roses, Italian Ruscus, hypericum, etc to be able to design beautiful floral crowns this Sunday. In addition, the foliage is essential to design floral crowns as we are going to use it like the base of the crown.

We had a lot of fun selecting and analyzing the best floral options for our event and we can’t wait to meet all our ladies this following Sunday in our Floral Workshop MiamiIt’s going to be a unique experience, surrounded by beautiful flowers and people in a beautiful space.

Do not forget to come with millions of ideas for your design! Get inspired! If you did not buy your ticket, you are still on time! Go to our EVENTBRITE, and buy it!

DIY Props made with foam board for a corporate event

DIY Foam Props

We created these funny and creative foam props for a very special anniversary party in Miami. Rokk3r Labs was turning 3 years this last March 20th and we had the chance to organize their 3rd anniversary party at The Annex, Miami. The venue is located between Midtown and Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, a lovely and vintage place. That’s why the majority of the elements and creatives we were using for this event needed to be handcrafted.

At this point, we came with this cool idea, where we wrote all those sentences and quotes that reflected Rokk3r Labs spirit and way of doing things. These props were used for the Photo Call Shooting, made by Alex Markow, a very cool photographer in Miami! Have a look to his website!

We can customize any kind of props; we can select different color backgrounds as well as different markers based on your preferences! Let us know how many of them you would need, the quotes and messages that you would like to put (we can help you with this too) and get them ready for your party!!!

If you are looking for the open layout photobooth for big groups to use the booth at once, Inside Out Booth is exactly what you need. The photobooths look great and attract attention as people begin to use them.

Hope you like them!

DIY Creative Projects

DIY Colorful Confettis

This is actually a very good DIY project that you can use for several types of events. It works for weddings, kid birthday parties as well as bachelorette parties and bridal showers! You can either buy customized confettis and then place them in cute cones or make them by yourself, while you have fun choosing your favorite …

White Floral Decor DIY Wedding

White Floral Decor DIY Wedding

White Floral Decor DIY Wedding – White, Classic and Delicate. White Floral Decor for our events! They are a must in our weddings and parties. This is a cute inspiration found on Pinterest, super easy to do and we can always customize it based on our clients floral taste. The blog where you can check the whole …