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DIY Creative Giveaways for our events

November 12, 2015
Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning

DIY Creative Giveaways for our events

Miami has changed in the past few years. It’s becoming a more social city day by day and this is great for people who dedicate their time to create unique event experiences! This is our case, The Creative’s Loft has been running during all these months becoming a Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning company. We are happy with all the people who follow us, who support us and love coming to our Creative Workshops and Events.

As you know, this Saturday we will be at The Wynwood Yard Garden Party Grand Opening! The Wynwood Yard ask The Creative’s Loft to be part of their Garden Party Grand Opening by organizing one of our Creative Workshops in their venue. This is one of our Top Creative Workshops in Miami; The Floral Crown Event. Our Miami Locals love it just because it involves a lot of creativity and design! They are creating their own “floral masterpiece” with natural flowers, surrounded by great people! It’s a way of networking, around a table, where they will also be able to eat, drink and enjoy!

We love how our neighborhood is changing and evolving! 3 years ago Wynwood was not what it is today! And this is great! Specially for entrepreneur people like us and little startups that are trying to find the way to boost their brands and businesses! Miami Events Agenda is getting each year booked! There are tons of opportunities where you can join, learn and have a lot of fun! At The Creative’s Loft this is our real “engine” and source of power!

DIY Creative Giveaways

We have been designing and preparing these cute and creative DIY floral cards for all our guests! Each of them have different creative quotes that we love! We want to make memories and create in our people a beautiful experience.

These are the following elements you need for designing beautiful floral cards:

* Scissors and Glue Stick

* Black Poster Board

* The image that you like to use (download our template)

* Choose your favorite quotes!

* Print them in the size that you wish and glue them to the Black poster board!

Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning Creative Studio and Miami Event Planning

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