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Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns

February 27, 2016
Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns

It was a beautiful afternoon at Wynwood, when I was meeting one of the best Jewel Designers. Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns are designed with a lot of delicacy and style. I met her through Renato Armijo, Fashion Designer at Chernaya Bridal House, one of the most luxury Bridal Ateliers in Miami.

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns are also very known in Europe, specially in Spain. Lia Terni had the chance to work with great Fashion Designers as Lorenzo Caprile as well as Bridal Designers like Helena Mareque, Alejandra Svarc, Inuñez, Rime Arodaky, Riki Dalal, Marcela Mansergas, etc. She has been featured in numerous top wedding and fashion blogs as well as magazines such as; Vogue, Casilda se casa, Querida Valentina, The Wedding Drops, etc.

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns

Art and architecture are qualities used in the design, process, and creation of each Lia Terni, which through its artistic sensibility share a world with each of the pieces.

Lia was born in Brazil and comes from an Italian background. She has lived abroad in many cities which include London, Sao Paulo, and Madrid. Moving back and forth from Europe to America she has nourished numerous artistic qualities that are revealed in her creations. She has degrees in Business Administration and Jewelry, both achieved in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as a degree in Fashion, which she attained at the London College of Fashion. While living in Madrid, she has revealed her artistic designs and demonstrated how her diverse background confirm that she is an original and creative designer.

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns1

The Creative’s Loft Miami Wedding Planning Studio is partnering this 2016 in several Bridal Photoshoots as well as dressing some of their brides-to-be with these unique headpieces made with ecological gold.

According to Lia Terni, as she states in her website, “Many people do not realize that the extraction of gold is not only a devastating thing to nature, but to man himself. This is why I want to place my little grain in helping to make a change while helping the consumer to become more conscious… Both artisan and small mining are present in over 55 countries, mostly in Africa, Asia and South America. At least 100 million people depend on this to substitute working in subhuman conditions, becoming trapped in a vicious cycle of exploitation. Most do not even fall into the legal system. They are neither registered workers nor protected in any way.

These miners extract 20% of the world’s production of gold, but only constitute 90% of the work force. Lack of security, child labor and violence towards women are all huge injustices that occur in this industry. Furthermore, the price of gold has sky rocketed (from 195 Euros per ounce in 2001 to 1,500 Euros per ounce presently), leading a great exodus towards the mining zones.

The impact on our environment is brutal. Deforestation, destruction of rivers and extraction of mercury and cyanide are only a few of the effects.

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns2 Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns2 Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Crowns2

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