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In our Creative Studio in Miami we are specialized in Creative Event Services and Planning. We combine Event Planning + Creative Process to create memorable experiences wherever you are. We also offer our Marketing Strategy Service to make sure our event success and exposure goes beyond your expectations.

We help a lot of entrepreneurs & small businesses building their branding (naming, logo, brochures, etc), websites and social media channels. The main goal is to help them to build better companies, wherever they are located. We also complement our clients plan with a Digital Marketing Strategy if needed.

The most common services we provide are Wedding & Event Planning Services; we host a wide variety of small and medium corporate events in cool venues in Miami. We also host weddings and events in private properties. We work with the best Wedding & Event Vendors in Miami to ensure a unique experience.

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Adriana Castro is a very dedicated and passionate business woman when talking about branding and digital marketing. Her 8 years of expertise in the field have allowed her to manage interesting and innovative large scale projects in different markets. During her career in two important Advertising Agencies (Ogilvy and Mather, The Arista Company) she managed great teams composed by Art Directors, Creative Directors, Designers, Developers and Programmers. She was in charge of providing digital creative services to different clients for Europe & US markets first, while working for IBM and then I switched to the US Hispanic, General and Latin American Markets.

Her passion for branding design and development has always been very strong but most of my field experience has been focused on online marketing and advertising strategy/management. She enjoys mixing different types of media and adding a human crafty and DIY touch to her designs and projects. Her goal is use creativity to show the world who she is and what she does but most importantly why.

“I love my job, I feel passionate about everything in life. I see opportunities everywhere, I love having fun at work. I like being surrounded by the best, because I believe in GREAT TALENT. Surround yourself with good and professional people and your work will become the best.”

Creative Event Services MiamiCreative Event & Wedding Planning

Some years ago I also specialized in Event & Wedding Planning. This has always being one of my passions. I am very detail oriented, creativity is a must in every event or wedding I organize and I love giving my European touch when talking about aesthetics and design.

For any further questions or additional services you would like us to develop for you and your event, do not hesitate in contacting us and we will get in touch with you in the following 24h. Our team will be happy to hear for your need and work with you hand to hand to deliver the creative event service that you need.

We are more than happy to assist in every idea that is on your mind! That’s why you found us! The Creative’s Loft is the only place where ideas become magic. We create unique experiences and memories that will last forever in your guests’ minds as well as in yours. Is a pleasure working with creative minds and we believe, creativity is intelligence having fun! We invite you to have fun with us.

We also speak different languages (Spanish, English and French) and we love meeting people from all around the world, learn about their culture and their great ideas! We have a great experience working with international clients.