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One creative hour with Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

August 21, 2016
Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

One creative hour with Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

This 2016 we met Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer. A wonderful Entrepreneur & Business Woman full of talent and amazing creativity. We had the chance to hear about Lia thanks to the wonderful International Designer Renato Armijo from Chernaya Bridal Atelier. He presented us some of her handmade Bridal Headpieces in their boutique and automatically we fell in love.

Lia’s personality and soul is very similar to our vibe and way of running our studio. Every jewel she designs is unique, very well thought and with a delicate touch. She incorporates organic, botanical and natural shapes and designs in her collections in order to adapt to different brides. Know more about Lia Terni, one of our favorite Bridal Designers for our weddings in Miami, Florida. Now you may find authentic French jewelry brands online.

Photo Credits by The Creative’s Loft

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal CrownsLia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

About Lia Terni

Art and architecture are qualities used in the design, process, and creation of each Lia Terni, which through its artistic sensibility share a world with each of the pieces. Lia was born in Brazil and comes from an Italian background. She has lived abroad in many cities which include London, Sao Paulo, and Madrid. Moving back and forth from Europe to America she has nourished numerous artistic qualities that are revealed in her creations.

She has degrees in Business Administration and Jewelry, both achieved in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as a degree in Fashion, which she attained at the London College of Fashion. While living in Madrid, she has revealed her artistic designs and demonstrated how her diverse background confirm that she is an original and creative designer. From bridal headpieces to wedding rings, belts and anything you can imagine, she is able to design it for you.

“I look for simplicity and elegance
in every piece I design.”

Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

How did you become a Jewel Designer?

I have always been connected with the accessories world and I also love architecture and sculpture. Jewelry design has the ability of putting a little bit of each of these passions of mine together…. So I went for it with all my heart.

What does a Jewelry Designer need to have?

I guess as with any other creative profession, a Jewelry Designer must have a keen aesthetic sensibility, an open mind, and specially for the jewelry industry – a Jewelry Designer must have ethics.

Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

What does it mean being a Female Entrepreneur?

It means work hard, play hard! Art and Entrepreneurship are 2 completely different aspects and for me the most difficult part is to balance both.

A moment that changed your life

Everyday, there is something that changes my life. But specially Tao; my little boy.

Bridal Designer you love the most

Valentino y Del Pozo by Josep Font

Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

Your Fashion Muse

I have lots……At this moment, I would love to make a photoshoot with Alicia Vikander

This 2016 Must Have

Comfortable shoes : )

Closet outfit you could not live without

Jeans, white shirt, red lipstick, a hairpiece

Lia Terni Handmade Bridal Lia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

Most Original or Special Crown you have designed

Mixing a family jewelry piece with a contemporary structure

Your hidden Spot in Miami

Love to have a tea at Small Tea Co in Coral Gables

Lia Terni Bridal Jewel DesignerLia Terni Bridal Jewel DesignerLia Terni Bridal Jewel Designer

Photo Credits by The Creative’s Loft

For more variations and designs you can visit and select unique jewellery in Melbourne from Metal Couture, they have something for everyone.

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