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One Creative hour with Sisters and The City

 Sisters & the city – Two successful bloggers

This last summer while I was spending some time in my hometown…I had the chance and the great honor to finally meet these two cool bloggers in my city, San Sebastián! Ido & Su run a super cool blog called “Sisters & The City” where they talk about those cool plans that you can do around San Sebastián, their favorite spots, their traditions in the Basque Country, etc.

When talking about the blogging world, you realize the importance of writing valuable content. There are blogs all around the world but only a few of them know how to do it. Sisters and the city and The Creative’s Loft met digitally, just because of the fact that both parts love meeting cool people anywhere in this planet and designing creative experiences.

In our last trip, Sisters & the city asked me if I wanted to be interviewed in their section “Basque people in…” and tell my story of my life in the states; what are those things that I miss the most, what do I like from Miami, the culture, etc. So, after this great experience, we decided that it was the time to meet the 3 of us in person and come up with cool international projects, that nowadays we are planning 😉 It is great working with bloggers that work really hard to provide cool stuff to this digital world.

We’ve been in touch and today I would love to present these two cool sisters to Miami and my people. It’s a good way to know a little bit more of our city, San Sebastián, located in the Basque Country, in the North of Spain!

How did you become Sisters & The City? 

Well, we were born being sisters in Donosti (San Sebastián), so that’s where the inspiration came from! We get along very well since we were little girls, we love the city we live in and…the blog was created!

creative interview sisters and the city

What do you think that makes you such successful bloggers?

Is something that we do not know how to explain and still nowadays we could not tell you why! Maybe because of our passion of telling to our people all the things that we love doing and also the enthusiasm that we put into it! I guess that we are able to transmit our energy and that’s what people like about us!

Do you think being creative is important when running a blog?

Being creative is important not only when running a blog, but also is very important for everything in this life. Without creativity is not possible of coming up with cool plans, projects and ideas in your life…so yes, we really consider that it’s a key aspect that differentiates our blog.

creative interview sisters and the city

How do you run your life being a blogger?

As we can…! There are days that we wish our day could have more than 24h to be able to reach and do everything we do and that we have in mind. Sometimes we end up a little bit overwhelmed but as this blog is our passion, we always end up willing more and more and more!

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Your favorite corner in the city

No matter the season of the year (spring, summer, fall or winter) our favorite place is the “Voladizo de la Playa de la Concha“. It’s a place where we love meeting while observing the ocean, a beautiful sunset, reading a book or spending the evening.

creative interview sisters and the city

5 top things from the city you will highlight

1) It’s the best and most amazing city where you can go around and visit it walking or riding a bike. Very comfortable and convenient!

creative interview sisters and the city

2) Its three mountains that surround Donostia: Igeldo, Urgull & Ulia to disconnect from the world. They are only 5 min outside of the city.

creative interview sisters and the city

3) Its beaches: Ondarreta, la Concha & Zurriola

creative interview sisters and the city 4

4) The gastronomy

creative interview sisters and the city

5) The “donostiarras” (Donosti People); put one in your life and you will see how the world is much happier!

creative interview sisters and the city

Your “Secret Jewel” when traveling somewhere in your country

It’s very close to the city if you go by plane! It’s called Formentera, it’s a little island located in the Mediterranean, east cost of Spain. This is our little spot, our treasure where we go to disconnect from the world, no laptop, no phones (24h)…The island is magic, we highly recommend people from around the world to visit this cute location!

creative interview sisters and the city

One of your favorite movies at the International Film Festival hosted in San Sebastián every year

These two movies meant a lot to us! TRUMAN  y ANOMALISAIf you manage to see them we would love to hear from you! Amazing movies!

creative interview sisters and the city

Talking about “pintxos” (tapas)…the one that you find irresistible…

The variety of “pintxos” in our city it’s insane…and it is hard to tell you specifically one, but thinking of one of our favorites no matter the time of the day would be: la tortilla de patatas (Spanish Omelet). We can eat it for breakfast with a latte, as a snack in the middle of the day or with a Martini…and specially you can find several bars around San Sebastián with great tortillas! For a person visiting San Sebastián…it is a MUST!

In one sentence, what does Donosti have that other cities do not?

We have a favorite quote/sentence that we always use when talking about our city: Donosti is always a good IDEA. No matter the time of the year, Donosti is a cool city with a wide variety of cultural plans, little spots to taste amazing food and enjoy a great wine, hangout with local people and disconnect from the rest of the world!

Come up and visit us! If you are planning to come, visit our blog to discover all the cool plans that we suggest!

creative interview sisters and the city