A new way to experience NYFW 2015

September 14, 2015
Periscope at New York Fashion Week

A new way to experience NYFW 2015

This year the New York Fashion Week…is experiencing a unique social movement! If you were wishing to live the fashion shows while sitting in your couch…well, I am pretty sure you are able to do it, at least we are enjoying it! It’s been several years where social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been in the front row and backstage of every single fashion show to catch up next year trends and random moments filmed by models! However, this year, the new app of choice looks set to be Periscope.

Periscope at New York Fashion Week
Periscope at New York Fashion Week2

Tommy Hilfiger’s Backstage Live Stream via Periscope app.

Periscope* is Twitter’s new live streaming tool, launched in March 2015. The team at Twitter, over a year ago, became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes. They wanted to build the closest thing to “teleportation”. While there are many ways to discover events and places, they realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through “live video”. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around. They started gaining a lot of ground with the fashion set earlier this summer. This September, brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy HilfigerHunter and Desigual have big plans ahead using the new app. In addition, bloggers and editors from the fashion world are likely to be the ones capturing the best moments of their favorite brands as they head from one catwalk to the next.

* Information provided by Twitter

Our experience with Tommy Hilfiger

While writing the post, at The Creative’s Loft we have experienced a LIVE broadcast of Tommy Hilfiger! “Getting started backstage at Tommy Hilfiger for #TommySpring16 at #NYFW. Here are some of the captures we have done while listening to their team and enjoying live moments in their backstage. As you can see hundreds of likes and comments in about a few seconds.

Periscope at New York Fashion Week

Tommy Hilfiger Talking Live Stream via Periscope app.

Twitter is referring to the use of Periscope during fashion weeks as #fashionunfiltered. The head of fashion at Twitter UK, Georgina Parnell talks about the app:

“It’s about real access and no editing, which likely makes it one of the most authentic views of what it’s really like to attend. Periscope is like a teleportation device, it can take us into another world. It’s all about giving people a view or an experience they’ve never had before.”

It’s all about “Sharing experiences”

Periscope at New York Fashion Week is becoming an additional tool and not a replacement for the traditional live stream. Live Stream is still on board for a lot of brands and designers, is an important part of their Fashion Shows, specially to be used in their web platforms. However, it implies a big cost for brands whereas Periscope will be becoming the additional technology to reach a global mass for free. One of the most compelling and engaging components of social media is the ‘shared experience’; knowing that someone in New Zealand is seeing the same thing as someone in Paris or New York at the same time actually makes the world seem a more intimate and cool place.

One of the best features of Periscope is the fact it enables “user interaction”. Viewers can like and post comments on the stream in real-time, allowing those filming to respond, react and alter their content path accordingly. Twitter recommends using their new app to showcase fun moments that can really convey the fashion week experience; chatting to the designer, catching up random moments between catwalks, showcasing models being made up or admiring the shoes everyone is wearing on the front row – even if the result is more amateur. Users like #nofilter experiences…that’s why #fashionunfiltered is working so well for numerous brands.

Desigual is preparing to arm one of its models with a Periscope stream in hand as she walks down the catwalk in NYC – providing a true first model view of what it’s like to appear in a show. Ralph Lauren however, is going farther. They are planning to merge both ideas with a big staging of its New York show on London’s Piccadilly Circus billboards in partnership with Periscope. As you have seen, Tommy Hilfiger is also using the app to broadcast the best moments.

So, this next 2016 is going to be fascinating not only for brands but also for the different audience; people attending in person to the catwalks and those who prefer to enjoy their favorite designer at home with their friends.

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