StartUp Weekend Miami 2015 Winners :: Breakin’Bread

Happy to have become the Official Winner at StartUp Miami Weekend 2015 during this crazy 54h competition!

The Creative’s Loft decided to participate in this cool event in order to take one of its ideas out! And…it resulted that we popped up among the top 10 best ideas during Friday night! We can’t explain our feelings and excitement!

A weekend where we all analyze our potential, entrepreneurship level and great creative minds within 54 hours. An awesome location Venture Hive, 80 participants and very cool people. An event where the first thing we needed to do was interact with every person attending, work hand to hand the whole weekend and encourage your team to come up with the best idea!

Friday May 29th, we started by 6pm. First things first…networking was crucial to present ourselves. After that, people keen on pitching their idea went to the stage! We could become a sustainable startup by the end of the weekend so we did not hesitate! After Adriana Castro, our CEO pitched her idea and was selected one of the top 10 ideas in the competition, she was able to gather an amazing team to start working for 48h more and create a cool startup. She managed to gather 5 more people around her idea and start working very hard to evolve it into an even more potential idea. Brainstorming ideas like starting a blog should be sustained by reading blogging tips . A blog can help generate further exposure for your startup. Having the guts to seek out your own startup shows immense dedication and an enormous amount of self-belief. However, it always helps to be aware of technology and software such as application development. More information can be found at There are tools out there to help startups, although it is up to the businesses to utilize them.

Saturday morning, we met the team at 8:30 am. Today was the day of…”GO BIG OR GO HOME” as Lee Ngo stated to the whole audience in the room. One of the coolest things during that day were the amazing mentors sharing their knowledge and experience around our table. We sat with different mentors who gave us their insights on our idea. We were able to focus on the most important thing for this weekend: “No talk, ALL ACTION.” Believe it or not, this was something essential and very important in our minds, as it was easy to start changing your thoughts around the original idea. Overall, Saturday night the whole team felt we accomplished enough in order to keep working the next day.

Sunday we met at 9am, we were exhausted but we were hoping to prepare the final pitch and train our speech to be able to win the competition. We felt our group realized we all need to put our 300% just to go for it and win the prize! We built our deck, the app interface, a live prototype and the revenue streams model as well as target our market during the last few hours we had. We ended up presenting our idea after the following 9 competitors around 6.30pm. The jury composed by 4 great professionals: Nicolai Bezsonoff (COO and CO-Founder .CO INTERNET), Brian Brackeen (Kairos CEO), Johanna Mikkola (Wyncode Academy Co-Founder) and Roberto Interiano (STS Capital Partners) voted for our idea and trusted that we could grow a potential startup from our weekend project. Finally, we won, acquiring the 1st place at the competition and celebrated with a great after party in Key Biscayne! At this rate, we’ll need a Los Angeles CPA accounting firm to take care of our new found investments!

Nowadays, Breakin’Bread team is composed by 5 official cofounders: Adriana Castro (CEO of The Creative’s Loft), Miguel Hidalgo, Mónica Delgado, Daniela Hernández and Juan Murillo. After finishing StartUp Weekend Miami 2015, Breakin’Bread team has started working hard shaping and improving the idea in order to launch a very powerful product by the end of this summer.

Startup Weekend Miami Breakin'Bread team

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