Event Planning and Design House

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We offer a customized Wedding & Event Design + Planning Process. We work one-on-one with our clients to create the most unique experiences and design concepts. It’s a customized planning experience where we work from scratch in every single event detail and need. All this process is managed via our planning platform where client and planning team have access 24/7. Our planning process is a holistic planning experience, where we offer numerous planning tools, documents and processes in order to make It a flawless and smooth experience


TCL Events helps you plan and solve any of your corporate event needs. From finding the perfect venue to planning and offering the most exclusive and elevated experiences to get your guests inspired and engaged. We work with a selected group of vendors and partners that will help us bring each client’s vision to life. Take your event to the next level by offering a unique and exclusive creative branding and full scale event production. Shaping your company’s vision is our goal. Defining the visual direction + execution for your event and helping our clients to offer a professional and sophisticated experience that will accomplish your companies goals.



We offer a customized and distinctive design and look to your private party. From Social Events to Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Galas or any special celebration you may have in mind. Our team has the know-how and offers diverse backgrounds to adapt and provide you with any cultural detail during your special occasion. We cater unique events based on the opportunity you present to our team. What truly matters is that we will lead and plan your celebration from scratch, always incorporating unique elements and experiences that will stand out your Social Event.


We design brand strategies and launches for corporate clients. Wether you are an entrepreneur, small company or a corporate brand. We craft and execute brands strategies by defining unique brand events. Our main goal is to create an event with its own personality, reflecting the DNA of your brand to connect with your audience. Executing promotional and experiential events that will complete your brand’s strategy. Your event will be an extension of your brand goals.