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DIY Wedding Favors

August 28, 2015
DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

We found out this cool DIY technique to surprise your wedding guests in the most special and creative day of your life! This is a project done by Oh Happy Day. This is all you need to create a cool and creative project as DIY Wedding Favors.

Materials needed: uncoated paper plates , red and green watercolors, paintbrush, hot glue gun, black sharpie

Step 1: Paint outer edge of paper plate green.
Step 2: Paint inner circle of paper plate red/pink, leaving ½” white space between the green and the red. Let dry.
Step 3: Using black sharpie, paint seeds on red part.
Step 4: Fold paper plate in half, wiggling a little to get it even.
Step 5: Holding it bent in half, stuff with goodies.
Step 6: Apply hot glue to inside of one edge, gently squeeze edges together to close.

DIY Wedding Favors



Check their blog! Oh Happy Day

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