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Collaborative Video Projects with a Miami Local

August 27, 2015

At The Creative’s Loft we love collaborating with amazing and unique local talent. This is the way we bring to Miami and the rest of the world cool stuff; unique videos and experiences with a spontaneous touch. Our collaborative video projects with Mike are meant to encourage locals and small business to spread the word and show the awesome work they are doing around the area. The video above is a great and brief project produced by Mike; it’s chic, it’s casual, it’s UNIQUE!

We elaborate unique, creative and spontaneous collaborative video projects for the community. Everyone belonging to this community understands the way we like working. We love having everyone on board; being collaborative and coming up with awesome creative ideas.

This is another project he has been working for AHLVAR GALLERY. A Fashion Boutique that provides feminine everyday classics accented with a sense of attitude.

In addition, this was our first collaboration together for our DIY Floral Workshop, where he brought up 100% the vibe we experienced during the workshop. You can see the beauty of our girls and their floral crowns, as well as the amazing creative direction. Have a look to this video too if you have not seen it before! This is only the beginning! We would love hearing from you so that we can start collaborating together!


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If you are planning a cool event, project or experience around the area…please, contact us filling the form and we will get in touch with you in the following 24h! Lets start collaborating!

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