DIY Floral Workshop in Miami

DIY Floral Workshop in Miami

Memories that we will never forget. That’s how I want to start this post as it’s been a beautiful story that has lasted 1 month and a half since we started working and bringing this amazing project to the table. It is not usual to find a DIY Floral Workshop in Miami…that’s why we saw the opportunity at The Creative’s Loft and started thinking about the possibility to make one of our dreams come true as well as offering unique experiences to Miami Bloggers, Influencers, Local people or Tourists!

Four hours well spent in a magic place at Wynwood…beautiful and super creative ladies invited to a unique event where floral crowns were the protagonists of the evening! We can’t ask for more…every message, post and feedback received from everybody has made us even happier and has given us more motivation to start organizing the next one! Hope you enjoy the video!

DIY Floral Workshop in Miami
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DIY Floral Workshop in Miami3
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DIY Floral Workshop in Miami6
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami14

Our official partners

For our DIY Floral Workshop in Miami, specially during the summer, we needed to find a cute and functional workspace, where we could allow our ladies to work focused on their floral crowns. For that, we thought that the best idea was to set up a great collaboration with some of our partners. At this point, we got the place thanks to the official partnerships done with Jucy Lu and Mister Block Café at Wynwood Block, 2621 NW 2nd Ave. GlamSquad and NUXE US were part of our official partners too.

Jucy Lu and Mister Block Café

Jucy Lu and Mister Block Café allowed us to use their beautiful open aisle, which is the common area at Wynwood Block. Mister Block Café let us their amazing table so that we could have a nice working area for our ladies. The venue is gorgeous and everybody was surprised about the beauty and brightness of it. Jucy Lu, offered during the whole evening fresh and cold-pressed organic juices to all our guests and Mister Block Café offered some bites as a good company. At The Creative’s Loft we added our classy touch with one of our favorite cakes; a Red Velvet and Cream Cheese cake as well as some fresh fruits (strawberries and blueberries).

GlamSquad, Nuxe US, Iniva Miami and Tuti Designs

GlamSquad offered hair style and make up session by their professional girls and Nuxe US was offering beauty give aways to each of the girls. Other partners who took part at the event were Iniva Miami (our founder Adriana Castro was dressed by this beautiful african fashion store) and Tuti Designs designed an exclusive bracelet for each lady too.

We would really like to thank everybody’s help during this marbellous DIY Floral Workshop in Miami. We love working with local talent, small businesses that put all their energy, effort and happiness to make this event come true!

DIY Floral Workshop in Miami
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami12
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami13
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami2
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami5
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami6
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami7

About our special guests…

The Creative’s Loft wanted to organize a creative dynamic for local Miami girls, bloggers and influencers and professionals who work in the Design, Fashion and Beauty World. We had an attendance of 55 people in our first DIY Floral Workshop, where numerous trends and style bloggers from Miami came and were taking pictures during the whole event. Photographers, designers, beauty and cosmetic professionals, art directors, actresses, entrepreneurs were part of our guest list too!

They all looked gorgeous, wearing beautiful bohemian and vintage dresses for the occasion. They all were willing to design their floral crown so we started our workshop training them with the key points anybody needs to learn in order to build a strong and robust floral crown.

The Creative’s Loft for this occasion, partnered with a very good friend, Francisco, an expert in floral workshops too who worked for a lot of years for Pistils & Petals. His help was crucial as we wanted to provide all the knowledge and continuous attention to all our guests. Adriana, the founder, was in charge of explaining to one side of the table and Francisco was responsible for the other one. During the beginning of the workshop, the girls learnt how important was to make a previous selection of the flowers they were going to be using to design their floral crowns. Once they have cut their floral supplies and classified them in 3 different types, both mentors proceeded to teach them how to apply some techniques like “boutonniere” to work with the biggest flowers as well as have the general concepts to build the main body of the floral crown.

All of them learnt super fast, it was magic! It was wonderful! We could see unique designs around the table, while the rest of the girls were waiting in line for GlamSquad hairstyle and make up sessions to look even prettier and others were trying our delicious red velvet cake and our fresh fruits, said Adriana Castro.

The fact of mixing DIY with beauty was a great fit to ensure a good result for our event. We are very happy with the result and specially with our girls big smiles during the whole event. It was funny how unknown people they were entering the space asking for our founder, while our girls were leaving the venue and walking around Wynwood Walls. They kept people’s attention and they encourage them to enter and have a look as well as asking for Adriana!

DIY Floral Workshop in Miami6
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami3
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami1
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami8
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami4
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DIY Floral Workshop in Miami11
DIY Floral Workshop in Miami5

After finishing both groups of people working on their floral crown designs, the girls went to the terrace to take some great shots as well as using the Fujifilm Instant Mini Camera that we brought, to give them cool instant pictures that they took home! We took cool and fun pictures wearing their crowns. It was so much fun! And we enjoyed will eating that delicious red velvet cake…

A special THANK YOU…

From The Creative’s Loft we would like to thank you everybody that took part in this amazing project, we made history…we created great memories! We fulfilled our lives with a wonderful experience that we are pretty sure more than one of our guests will remember it forever! Thanks for being so nice and creative! We loved having you! Can’t wait for the next one!!!!! And thanks for sharing the love!

An special and huge THANK YOU to my love, for trusting on me to the infinite and beyond, for encouraging me to do what I really love and what it’s my real passion and for giving me so much love and helping me in every single step and event that I organize. I love you.

The warmest hug and THANK YOU to my little nieces and rest of the family; Mima, Farah and Nat for coming and supporting me! It was a real pleasure to share this experience with you. Farah, thanks for all your help!

Francisco, Vane and Leo…what can I say? It wouldn’t have been the same without you! For all the help that we have received during the last few weeks, your energy, your knowledge, etc. A special THANKS to your staff Jucy Lu and Mister Block Café, they were awesome!

Ángela…what can I say? You are wonderful and having Glamsquad as an official partner of The Creative’s Loft is a HUGE honor! We love having your girls in our events! Thanks for coming, for being part of this unique moment and memories! Uxue, it was a pleasure to have such an amazing cosmetic and discover the best natural Parisian secrets of the brand at our event! THANK YOU for your professionalism and for explaining our bloggers the benefits of your products!

Shanti, for coming and helping us taking beautiful pictures that we can’t wait to see tomorrow! Thanks for capturing every single moment of our Sunday Workshop!

An endless THANK YOU to all the following ladies (Juli Williams, Christine Michelle and Anastasia Itriago), who have shared AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE articles and posts in their personal and professional blogs! Your pictures girls…are MARVELOUS and BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for allowing us to share those pictures in our blog!

Sofía, you made also an amazing job with y0ur beautiful video, we love it! Bea, no words for you too…we love your pics, they are also unique!!!! Dani R., thanks for all your wonderful pics on your IG and the pics of your beautiful friends! Pao, my dear “mom-to-be” you looked beautiful! Leti, thanks for your unconditional help and post on IG! Lynette, for your long stay and beautiful presence! Melissa and Carina, for your beautiful gifts to all our girls! Mercedes and Martina, you looked adorable…thanks for those colorful pics on that incredible wall!  Dome and Beba, for your unconditional love and support, I love you! Giovanna, Dani…thanks for the detail and for being in this special moment! What an amazing and unique gift for our Creative Studio! We truly appreciate it!

DIY Floral Workshop in Miami

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