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Living in Paradise – Breakfast & Brunch fave spots

September 5, 2015
living in paradise - miami guide

Living in Paradise – Breakfast & Brunch fave spots

Living in Miami is like living in Paradise the whole year. Specially if you are a #palmtreehunter . I moved to Miami 4 years ago and I have to say that the city has something that others do not have. This is a special weekend…long, long, long weekend living in paradise! It’s Labor Weekend! Monday is off… (thanks God) and that’s why since this weekend started…we are enjoying it 100%.

I would like to share with you some cool coffee spots to start your day with a great breakfast or lunch! If you are around Wynwood or The Design District, have a look to our list of fave places!

Cool spots to enjoy best breakfast in Miami

Buena Vista Deli

Buena Vista Deli, is one of my favorite spots to start the day. This cozy and cute french corner in the middle of the Design District has become more and more popular in the past few years. They offer a wide variety of french delicatessen like pain au chocolat, palmiers, croissant, quiches, omelletes, homemade lasagna, tarte de pomme… if you also want some regular breakfast they offer it too. One of my fave options is the Bread Basquet with butter and jam. Have a look to their menu.

living in paradise - miami guide


Ella is another cool coffee spot. I usually come here for anything I need, no matter what time during the day. But if you come to this cozy place in the morning, is a peaceful and little hidden spot in the heart of the Design District too. They are super nice, the owner is the daughter of Michael Schwartz, who runs Michaels Genuine in Miami. Ella is a very personal project, design in a unique and delicate way and their menu is delicious. They offer coffee from the Panther Coffee, located in Wynwood and some delicious donuts…their menu is well balanced with a nice variety of healthy sides and main plates. You should also try their fabulous and fresh orange juice. Download their menu. One more thing I like from this place is that they are pet friendly, so even they have a beautiful terrace…I love the fact that I can go with my little furry Chloe and enjoy while drinking one of my favorite coffees in the city!

living in paradise - miami guide

Jucy Lu Says

This is another new spot in the city! They opened some months ago (around April 2015). Vane and Mariela are two cool girls who decided to open their jucy spot at Wynwood Block. Jucy Lu offers a huge list of organic juices and smoothies…they are the best in the area! In addition, they also offer a great organic and vegan menu with new creations for those real foodies looking for new food experiences.

Living in Paradise - Miami Guide

Panther Coffee

And finally, another cool spot. I have talked about them before…this is another one in the list! They have been running the place for some years. They are in the middle of Wynwood but they are also located in other locations such as Miami BeachPanther Coffee has a very nice outdoors terrace, to enjoy your coffee and those sweet bites that they offer. Every cup of coffee Panther serves is roasted on site, in small batches, each of which have their origin in farms personally-selected by the Pollocks for taste as well as and individuality. Have a look to their online store!

Living in Paradise - Miami Guide

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