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One hour with – Creative Interview with Jade Palomino

September 7, 2015
One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer

One creative hour with Jade Palomino

 A successful lawyer in the Startup World

Jade and I met one year ago working for Rokk3r Labs, a Miami-based platform for entrepreneurs that supports them in building their startups. We had a connection immediately and became great friends while working alongside one another. Nowadays, we keep in touch, hang out whenever we can and talk about life and business. Jade is a very talented attorney born in Hawaii to Jamaican parents who is a self-proclaimed “Girlboss.” Aside from attending two Ivy-League institutions (Brown and University of Pennsylvania Law School), Jade is also very active and deeply immersed in Miami’s young professional community – she always seems to be surrounded by one of Miami’s emerging movers-and-shakers. Jade provides legal and strategic consulting services to all types of entrepreneurs from the moment that they begin conceiving the concepts for their startups.

I have to say that Jade is one of the most talented woman I’ve ever met in Miami. She has a magnetic personality, is very professional and puts 200% into all that she does. We have a strong connection because we share the same vision about how to build a successful company and how to nurture robust human and business relations- through passion and purpose! Jade’s optimism is contagious, and I cannot wait to see all of the cool things she will undoubtedly help

Today, we are officially opening this new section in the blog called “ONE HOUR WITH…“. We had a lovely interview while enjoying a delicious breakfast at ELLA, a pop-up coffee shop in the heart of Miami’s Design District. We both are real foodies and love cozy coffee spots in Miami. We couldn’t choose a better place to organize our interview and spend one hour together. Far away from the noise of the city, we had a very inspiring time talking about business and life. We hope you like our first interview. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Jade if you are planning to build and launch your startup- she is brilliant!

One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer

Where did the inspiration come for this project?

I really enjoy working with creatives, and I love the process of building something that will have a tangible, direct impact on the lives of the people around me. Miami is a really amazing place to work because the entrepreneurial community is growing so quickly and because people here are so eager to leave their mark on this emerging city. I realized I wanted to work with startups the moment I began working at Rokk3r Labs because I was surrounded by so many great entrepreneurs there.

Define what you do in only one sentence

I provide legal and consulting expertise and guidance to entrepreneurs to help them build and launch their companies.

What was your initial vision of your project?

I wanted to help create mission-driven companies, and I wanted to be as client-focused, results oriented and transparent as possible. I realize that people make a lot of sacrifices in order to launch their own companies; therefore, I think people really appreciate it when they work with individuals who are as dedicated to making their dreams a reality as they are. I do not view my clients as customers, but rather as partners.

One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer1

Why that name for your project?

A “Girlboss” is a confident woman who isn’t afraid to use her voice and who recognizes and celebrates her strengths. I think women have really unique and valuable perspectives on business that society sometimes fails to recognize. Miami will be a stronger, more vibrant city if it nurtures female entrepreneurship, and I hope that my work will inspire other women to find their inner “Girlboss.”

What skills are very important for your profession? What does being a lawyer mean?

You need strong communication skills, a fastidious attention to detail and a well-tuned moral compass. As an advisor, I need to be able to anticipate issues that entrepreneurs will encounter before they even arise. A good attorney has the ability to gain the trust of his or her clients because at the end of the day, a lawyer cannot provide sound advice if he or she is not well-informed or is not apprised as to all of the details (good and bad) surrounding an issue.

Tell us about the most exciting moments during the project…

When I worked on a project with Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records who brought Bob Marley to the world stage. It was very challenging and inspiring learning alongside such a well-accomplished businessman. During my time working with him, I developed skills and relationships I will treasure forever.

One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer3

What does Miami have that other cities don’t

Unparalleled business opportunities, lots of character and a ton of girlbosses! I think Miami’s business world is very people-centric. In other words, an individual’s relationships within the community really drive his or her growth and success- people here have to really believe in you as a person, not just in your product or company vision, in order for them to become your champions. In addition, the business culture in Miami really values and encourages work/life balance. I love the fact that weekends in Miami are real weekends and aren’t just an extension of the week.

What is your drink of choice to end the night?

Anything with pepper, anything spicy! The “Picante de la casa” from Soho Beach House…is my absolute favorite cocktail and is the perfect complement to any Cuban-inspired dish. It’s really creamy, but also spicy at the same time- it’s a party for your taste buds.

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with rice and peas!


Jade, it’s been a real pleasure opening this cool section “ONE HOUR WITH” with such an amazing woman! We had a lot of fun, ELLA was as always an awesome coffee spot choice and hope to see you soon around the city!

One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer4

One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer One hour with - Creative Interview - Jade Palomino - Successful Lawyer

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