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Creative Bride Guide :: The Dress

September 18, 2015
Happy Bride Guide - The Bridal Dress

Creative Bride Guide :: The Dress

When my fiance surprised me in San Sebastian and we got engaged, I could not stop thinking of the idea that I was going to start designing my wedding dress…a dream that I have had since I was a little girl, a dress that it’s been thought for years together with my mom and my lovely sister. It’s a very special moment, something that it’s hard to describe…just because you feel it in the inner most part of your being. I feel tremendous butterflies any time I am talking with my designer and my two favorite women in this world. So, here I go with a beautiful and inspiring article for our Creative Bride Guide.

The moment you start thinking of the different choices that you have for your bridal dress, you need to have clear how much time and dedication you want to put into this. There are brides who do not like complicating themselves, they’ve had their eyes on an infinity dress, they know the bridal designer they want to be working with, they go to the store, try a few dresses and end of the story! However, there are other brides who have dreamed with this moment all their lives and really want to add their own story to the dress.

Happy Bride Guide - The Dress

Photo Credits – Laure de Sagazan

Happy Bride Guide - The Bridal Dress

Photo Credits – Sara Photography

Your dreamed Bridal Dress

If you are looking to design and customize your dress with a Bridal Designer is because you are looking for a unique and exclusive design, something customized for your big day. One of the most important aspects you need to take into account when going this way is “the feeling” with your designer. You really need to feel identify with her or him, it’s something crucial. Your designer is going to be since day 1 your “confidant”, all your stress, doubts, good and bad moments will be shared. Your designer needs to capture from the beginning your personality; if you are a classy and romantic soul, you would like to look like a princess…maybe you have a more boho or hipster soul, simplicity is your way of being, elegance and charm are a must for you, etc. There are endless combinations that a bridal designer needs to take into consideration while she is having the first bridal appointment with you in the atelier.

Happy Bride Guide - Laure de Sagazan Atelier

Happy Bride Guide - The Bridal Dress

Photo Credits: Beba Closet

Fortunately, there are nowadays a bunch of great Bridal Designers all around the world who offer different styles. So, one of our Creative Bride Guide tips for our lovely brides is to start looking and planning your first appointments within 8 to 10 months in advance. Depending on the design process, you will be needing more than 2 appointments with them, so make sure you choose the designer of your dreams and you plan your trips! Sometimes, they are not in the same country and you need to plan your flight to visit their amazing ateliers!

Happy Bride Guide - The Dress

Photo Credits – Rue de Seine

Happy Bride Guide - The Dress

Photo Credits – Anna Campbell

Miami Bridal Designers

Other brides prefer not to complicate that much and set up a limit in their bridal dress budget. Specially, they are looking for a nice store in the same city so that things are easier. Depending how many months you started organizing your wedding, sometimes due to the lack of time, brides do not focus that much time in their dress, specially to avoid more stressful moments. Here in Miami, there are multiple bridal stores where brides can find their dreamed dress. Coral Gables is one of the areas that concentrates the majority of these bridal boutiques. However, there are also unique Bridal Boutiques emerging at Miami Design District, with unique designers too. One of our favorites boutique is Chernaya Bridal House.

Happy Bride Guide - The Dress - Chernaya Bridal House

If you wish, you can join Chernaya Bridal House team September 24th-28th 2015 as they feature the latest in bridal fashion by design team Marchesa. By Appointment Only/ Space is Limited (305) 576- 6000.

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