The experts opinion


JUAN (Digital Advertising Sale & Senior Marketing Executive – Facebook ) The Creative’s Loft team went above and beyond to make our wedding amazing. They are the most reliable and helpful vendor we’ve found in Miami to organize and coordinate our wedding. The ideas they brought to the table made the decor stunning and their scheduling and planning skills were the drivers in the entire event being on time and running smoothly.


KATY WINTER (Founder & General Manager – My Healthy Vita) I can not begin to describe the type of service that Adriana from The Creative’s Loft provided for my wedding. She went above and beyond in every aspect, and made my wedding day better than I could have ever imagined. She offered her help every step of the way, months before the event even took place. She personally reached out to every vendor a week before to ensure there would be no hiccups. The night of the wedding she remained cool, calm and collected especially while this lovely bride was not. 😉 She ran that event with precision and did not skip a beat. I was beyond happy with her service, and I would be happy to provide a reference for anyone thinking of using her service.


SUMMER OF DIANE (Top Miami Blogger & Influencer – Summer of Diane) I attended a beauty brunch this past Friday that was hosted by The Creatives Loft. I can’t put into words how impressed I was with the atmosphere Adriana created for this event. Not a detail was overlooked. Her hard work was to apparent & it was undeniably curated with thought, time and care. Adriana is a beautiful person inside & out who will make your event feel as special as it undoubtedly should. I couldn’t suggest working with her more & can’t wait to attend her next event!


DOMÉNICO D’ANNA (Manager – Dolce Italian Restaurant from LDV Hospitality Group – Gale Hotel) I would like to congratulate Adriana again for the grate job she and her crew did today. It was a pleasure working with her and her staff. She really nailed every situation and managed in an outstanding way!


BEA TORRES (Creative Director – Alma DDB) The Creative’s Loft is the place you need to go if you want to organize an event with class and style. If you want a Pinterest event don’t hesitate to contact them! Every detail is taken care of with elegance and style.


ROSALINA PERAL (Area Manager Travel Retail – L’Óreal) I loved having The Creative’s Loft hosting my Bachelorette party in Vegas! Adriana did an amazing job making me feel very special in every moment and detail she developed for the weekend and I will always be grateful and carry those memories with me (and also my friends). She is great organizing, decorating, and creating an experience in everything she does… Would definietely recommend her for any event or party!!


BERTA COMANGÉS (Marketing Manager – Roca USA) Adriana’s events say everything about her and her way of doing things: passionate, determinated, fun, detail focused, energetic and always full of love. Is great to join her events, count on her to plan my own ones or just keep me posted about the most interesting stuff coming on in Miami thanks to her blog. I highly recommend The Creative’s Loft!


VANESSA MORADO (CEO & Founder – Jucy Lu Says) Adriana’s events say everything about her and her way of doing things: passionate, determined, fun, detail focused, energetic and always full of love. Is great to join her events, count on her to plan my own ones or just keep me posted about the most interesting stuff coming on in Miami thanks to her blog. I highly recommend The Creative’s Loft!


RAQUEL MOCHOLI (CEO & Founder – Shambhala Love) Adriana did an amazing job organizing our monthly events. She comes up with the most detailed and innovative ideas and really offers way more than what clients expect! For sure my go to event services in Miami! Thank you Adriana!


JADE PALOMINO (Director and Legal Strategist at Rokk3r Labs) Adriana is an energetic, thoughtful and intelligent businesswoman with a keen eye for design. She always completes projects on time and does so with an unparalleled sense of style that is always unique and original. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adriana for any creative project that you may have.


IZASKUN SANTOS (CEO & Founder – Enervitalia) The Creative’s Loft fue la mejor decisión que pudimos tomar a la hora de crear nuestra marca para nuestra consulta de dietética y nutrición en San Sebastián. La verdad que Adriana, es una Directora Creativa excelente, donde nos recomendó desde el principio por dónde tenías que tirar y qué es lo que nuestra marca tenía que transmitir. Además del Branding Identity, su estudio creativo se encargó de diseñar y desarrollar nuestra página web. Quedó preciosa, cada día nos gusta más y es que la gente nos dice que les parece preciosa y bien diseñada. Además, nos aconsejó para que desarrolláramos una campaña de marketing digital con el fin de consolidar la marca y contar con una buena presencia digital. La verdad que su trabajo, la gestión del proyecto y el esfuerzo que pone a todo, hace que sea una de las mejores. Adriana es única, es muy trabajadora y siempre se involucra en nuestros proyectos como si fueran los suyos. A día de hoy seguimos trabajando juntos y nos sigue ofreciendo ideas creativas buenísimas que nos ayudan a mejorar la calidad de nuestra clínica y su servicio. Recomendaría al 100% este Estudio Creativo en Miami. La distancia no ha sido un problema aunque estuviéramos separadas por un océano. Muchas gracias por todo tu trabajo Adriana!


CHARLES WALTER (Director of Growth – Rokk3r Labs) Adriana is a creative workhorse who doesn’t like hearing the word no. She likes thinking out of the box and finding new ways to get the word out. Working with a constrained budget, she can find ways to organize an event better than any other event planner could. Always paying attention to details, you can count on Adriana to represent your brand to the public and make you proud.


GIOVANNA SALUCCI (Thinker and Digital Designer – Rokk3r Labs) I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working on Adriana on a variety of projects. Not only does she give 100% to everything she does, she does it with such passion and enthusiasm that you cannot help in becoming enthusiastic yourself. She is incredibly creative and works great with both creatives as well as entrepreneurs and business minded individuals. I highly recommend working Adriana, you will not be disappointed.


OLIVIER SAURET (Digital Account Director – The Arista Company) Adriana has worked during 2011 under my direction as International Account Executive in Arista for International Clients such as International (Diageo, Bupa, SPBI, JetBlue, LAN Airlines and Delta Airlines). She demonstrates every day a high level of services for each client and supplier. She’s greatly appreciated internally and by her clients who can easily expect from her recommendations, strategic and operational works.Furthermore, she’s an expert of the digital area, from the production to the creative needs, including an high social network knowledge. She’s deeply reliable. I recommend Adriana for any kind of intern professional evolution.


PATRICIA NÚÑEZ (Head of Digital – BUPA Healthcare) Smart and sassy creative thinker. Always atop of digital market trends. Strong attention to detail. Very keen on delivering quality. Client advocate. Exceptional Account and Marketing Manager.


RODRIGO FERNÁNDEZ (Owner at FE – Coworker) Adriana is a very energetic person that always is on top of things. Her determination and knowledge in the Digital world, make her a great asset.


PEDRO ENRIQUEZ DE SALAMANCA (Creative Innovation Consultant and Managing Director – Wildbytes) Adriana is a Big Bang Mind totally connected, responsible and always ready to not only improve the quality of the work but also of the relationship within the teams and, of course, the client. Brilliant!