Brazilian Booty Class in Wynwood Block

Join Us for our Brazilian Booty Class

Brazilian Booty Class in Wynwood Block Welcome to our first FITNESS EVENT; a Brazilian Booty Class in Wynwood Block managed by an amazing Fitness Professional “Monica’s Fitness“. This event is organized by The Creative’s Loft in collaboration with two official partners: Jucy Lu and Athleta.   Who is Monica’s Fitness? Straight from the land of sunny Brazil and …

GlamNight · For chic & fabulous ladies only

Our GLAMNIGHT afterwork is packed of chic and wonderful ladies!!! We can’t wait for the event! Finally, we can share with you the final details that you need to know in order to get to our venue!

How to get to Wework

The event will be hosted at Wework Miami. It’s our new coworking space!! The Creative’s Loft will be working there from July 2015! 350 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL. 3rd Floor – Conference Room

Glamnight Afterwork Miami

Show up on time

The event will start at 7.30pm . Try to show up on time so we can meet you all and start getting you ready and look even prettier!

Afterwork Coktail

We will have some fresh bubbles as well as additional surprises for all of you 😉

Contact info

If you have any doubts, or you are lost or late…give us a call  305 297 5767

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yoga at miami botanical garden

Yoga at Miami Botanical Garden

yoga at miami botanical garden

Haayen came up with Summer Soulstice as a way to grow the Magic City’s yoga community. “The farther you go outside of Miami, the better yoga gets,” she says. The idea, then, is to do something about that. “In New York they shut down Times Square during the summer solstice and have thousands of people doing yoga. It’s one of the city’s biggest yoga events. Their goal is to create the same massive event and instill that sense of community here.” And what better way than by doing so in a surreal and natural wondrous environment like Botanical Garden?

To sign up for the Summer Soulstice and solicit your spot, simply do so via 

Last year was the first time they did it and they hosted it at the 1111 building parking garage, which was awesome and we had 800 on the rooftop, but it’s concrete. Summer solstice is all about nature and connecting with the summer again, and they wanted a location that inspired that. It’s lush heaven. And lush heaven has no limit as to how many it allows through its gates.

Last year’s summer solstice event at Times Square saw 11,000 yogis getting their asana on, and although Miami might not be anywhere near that, Haayen is doing all she can to make sure we are well on our way by putting together events like this and hosting her weekly OMWave Radio show, streaming live every Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m. on, with friend and fellow yogi Amy Dannheim (You can take her hip hop flow class at Green Monkey on Fridays.)

Back to Summer Soulstice: not only is the one-hour yoga event absolutely free of charge and open to all-levels of yogis whether advanced or aspiring, Nacho Londono will follow it up with a guitar performance so you get yoga and a concert in one. And since Athleta sponsors it, you bet your downward dog there will be goodies for the first 200 attendees (free yoga mats and the chance to win a $200 gift card), as well as a ton of health-conscious and wellness vendors who’ll be dishing out surprises and free samples throughout the day.

First dog of the day starts at 9:30 a.m., but if you want in on the free mats or the Athleta gift card, early-bird yogi gets the worm.

To sign up for the Summer Soulstice and solicit your spot, simply do so via 



2000 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139



Our Event Planning Process

Our approach to the event planning process and design proposal is one of detailed collaboration with our clients. We work hand to hand with you to make sure that your event vision is brought to its potential through a customized event planning and design process built just for you.

We manage and coordinate every detail of your event and create a customized design related to your style aesthetic to reflect who you are as either a bride & groom, a business person or a corporate client. We like collaborating and partnering with a hand-selected group of vendors to ensure we produce and manage with excellence your party, event or wedding.

We strive to make sure that you can truly be a guest at your own event/wedding and make that moment unforgettable!


Thierry’s Catering · A special touch for your event

Today I had the pleasure to be invited to Thierry’s Catering; one of the best catering companies in Miami if you are planning to organize your event, wedding, cocktail, special dinner…they are lovely and very professional! It’s been a great afternoon where I have met almost the whole team!thierryscatering_thecreativesloftvenues

While we were having our meeting I had the chance to taste their delicious and unique macarons…ohlala, you can’t leave this world without trying them before, believe me! In addition, they brought me a fresh champagne with caviar, a great mix with these french delight.

Thierry’s Catering is one of our favorite catering companies when talking about organizing our events at The Creative’s Loft. Working with their professional team means knowing that your result is going to be successful and your guests are going to leave your event with a great memory of that day. Their entire catering service is delicious, unique…their chefs are always trying to prepare new creations during the summer time for the following season and surprise our palate. They also contribute with you in terms of decoration, set up and other additional vendors for our events, so it’s very efficient working together.

I had the chance to meet and tast Thierry’s Catering in a VIP Party in Miami some months ago. I was invited to the launch of the Lincoln Black by Condenast, a hidden party in a beautiful and charming villa at North Bay Village, Miami. The cocktail dinner and their desserts were absolutely delicious and original…they got me! So, after this moment I decided to get in touch with them and start working hand to hand a very good relationship 🙂


DIY Creative Projects

DIY Colorful Confettis

This is actually a very good DIY project that you can use for several types of events. It works for weddings, kid birthday parties as well as bachelorette parties and bridal showers! You can either buy customized confettis and then place them in cute cones or make them by yourself, while you have fun choosing your favorite …