Thierry’s Catering · A special touch for your event

Today I had the pleasure to be invited to Thierry’s Catering; one of the best catering companies in Miami if you are planning to organize your event, wedding, cocktail, special dinner…they are lovely and very professional! It’s been a great afternoon where I have met almost the whole team!thierryscatering_thecreativesloftvenues

While we were having our meeting I had the chance to taste their delicious and unique macarons…ohlala, you can’t leave this world without trying them before, believe me! In addition, they brought me a fresh champagne with caviar, a great mix with these french delight.

Thierry’s Catering is one of our favorite catering companies when talking about organizing our events at The Creative’s Loft. Working with their professional team means knowing that your result is going to be successful and your guests are going to leave your event with a great memory of that day. Their entire catering service is delicious, unique…their chefs are always trying to prepare new creations during the summer time for the following season and surprise our palate. They also contribute with you in terms of decoration, set up and other additional vendors for our events, so it’s very efficient working together.

I had the chance to meet and tast Thierry’s Catering in a VIP Party in Miami some months ago. I was invited to the launch of the Lincoln Black by Condenast, a hidden party in a beautiful and charming villa at North Bay Village, Miami. The cocktail dinner and their desserts were absolutely delicious and original…they got me! So, after this moment I decided to get in touch with them and start working hand to hand a very good relationship 🙂