Alex & Emilio – Our Grooms Experiences

Our Grooms Experiences – Emilio & Alex Creative Wedding

♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Stars

EMILIO – Adriana and The Creative’s Loft team helped my partner and I create an unforgettable, elegant, and dream wedding at Vizcaya Gardens in Miami, FL. This was Adriana’s first gay wedding and she was very excited to help us develop a non-traditional wedding. We only had 5 months to plan our international destination wedding and Adriana made it all possible! She helped us design, plan, and budget our entire wedding. In addition to planning the wedding, Adriana also put together our rehearsal dinner at Miami Beach. Adriana and her team exceeded all expectations we had, turning the wedding planning into a fun and creative process that we enjoyed from the very beginning.

Thanks Adri for all your hard work! You’ll always be a part of the happiest day of our life!


Alex & Emilio - Our Grooms Experiences The Creatives Loft Reviews

Some fun moments with Adri while we were enjoying the tasting for our Rehearsal Dinner at Miami Beach!