We are thrilled to share with you this fantastic and creative Weddinf Film! Produced by the Cool Wedding Filmmakers “The Drakes”. Planning a Destination Wedding in Charleston South Carolina this past fall is a dream! It’s also a lot of work and thinking, and endless back and forth with your out of the state Vendors Team…but totally worth It!

Cary and David had It clear and decided to tight the knot out of Miami, FL. Their will for a Destination Wedding was ferocious, and we all made It happen. We are sharing with you their Destination Wedding in Charleston. The venue, River Oaks Charleston. A whimsical and Romantic place outside Charleston, manage by Marianne and her family. The Creative’s Loft, together with a Dream Team of vendors based in Charleston, planned an unforgettable Wedding for these two lovebirds.

Sharing with you this fantastic Wedding Film by “The Drakes“. A creative film that reflects all the fun and cool moments lived.