Firstly, we are excited to post Chris & Tina’s Italian Wedding at Vizcaya Museum. Our New Jersey couple stated to our team, they wanted a real Italian Wedding with its own personality in the city. A Destination Wedding in one of the top venues in Miami. Vizcaya Museum is the perfect space if you are planning to host an outdoor garden wedding with Italian Vibes.

In addition, It offers the possibility to our team to create and style tons of weddings with unique designs and creative visions. Chris & Tina’s apart from unique, It has always been special and very real. Tina comes from an Italian-New Jersey Family. A family who loves food and who loves hosting great events in their area.

Chris & Tina | Italian Wedding at Vizcaya Museum Wedding Film

Secondly, check out their wedding film and do not miss any detail. We hope you like It as much as we do! Chris and Christina love the freshness and uniqueness of their Italian Wedding. Therefore, their day is personalized with an Italian aesthetics, greenery and fresh elements, fun moments, awesome music and stunning decor. From the florals to the decor, the music, etc. Finally, having a blast on your day and feeling everything is fun and flawless, is one of the best gift our team can give you.