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Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook

September 20, 2015
Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook

Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook

This summer, Gabe and I…we got engaged! Gabe decided to prepare everything in my city and give me the surprise of my life! I have to say that he did it! It was one of the best moments of my life, surrounded by my lovely family (my parents and my sister). As a result, my parents prepared for us some cute “newly engaged” gifts. This time, my mom had the genius idea of buying us this awesome Notebook from Mr. Wonderful and my creative bachelorette cards for my Bachelorette Party!

So, before showing you the cutest notebook I have ever had and the cards…I think that the best idea is to make a little presentation about this wonderful company (never better said) established in Spain some years ago. I love people with great talent and 200% of energy and positive vibe in this life.

Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook

A little bit more about Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful is a fascinating Spanish Brand built and developed by two creative entrepreneurs; Javi and Angi. Graphic designers, partners, and also husband and wife. What else can you ask for? A couple of years ago they set up a fun little studio called Mr. Wonderful. Mr. Wonderful is the fruit of a project created on their couch snuggling under a blanket (it was February and pretty cold outside).

Mr Wonderful

They’re incredibly lucky to have an excellent team, and that’s why they really could enjoy 100% their work. They try their utmost to make sure things go well and to have a good time. They are continually releasing new products that offer pleasant surprises: mugs with messages, inspiring prints, cloth bags, stationary, cookies with messages, etc. All the products, you can find them in their awesome online store! They have re-designed all their products in english, so that you can have their fun and happy products at this side of the ocean!

The studio

Mr. Wonderful was created as a little graphic design studio that sends positive messages through its social networks every day. They steadily received orders from small companies, and based on our work, other larger companies took an interest in them. They’ve undertaken projects with Stradivarius, Suarez, Coca-Cola, Smint, General Óptica, etc., and they hope this list continues to grow!

Our Stuff and other nonsense Notebook

This book is not exactly a book. It is a game for couples, a brilliant invention for finding out more about one another. It is a book specially designed for the couple. The idea is for each of us to write in a different colored pen and fill in each page with whatever comes to mind. It is important to do it without being pressured by the other person. Here you can say whatever you feel! If you do it together, you will have fun reading what the other one writes. The idea is for you to share it so you can be surprised by each other’s answers. Want to bet there are lots of things you don’t know about each other?

This pack has two pens in different colors (black and blue) so you can differentiate the responses between each other

Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook 1 Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook
Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook

Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook Mr Wonderful Engagement Notebook

Bachelorette Cards

Mr Wonderful Bachelorette Cards Mr Wonderful Bachelorette Cards Mr Wonderful Bachelorette Cards Mr Wonderful Bachelorette Cards

Photo Credits – The Creative’s Loft

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