Miami One creative hour with

One creative hour with Bea Torres

September 21, 2015
One hour with – Creative Interview Bea Torres

One creative hour with Bea Torres

A Creative Soul and Miami Blogger

This post has a lot of meaning to me because involves talking about a person that I really appreciate. Bea is a catalan girl who moved from Barcelona to Miami 4 years ago. She works in the advertising industry as an Associate Creative Director at Alma. She is a unique copywriter but also a very artsy person. She loves working on DIY projects and getting inspired throughout the city! Some years ago she decided to start blogging about Miami, talking and taking pictures of the coolest places and things that were going on every week. She became very active and little by little she has started to become a Miami Blogger with a unique and creative instagram profile. Her breathtaking posts, and use of hashtags has helped her to increase instagram followers on her page.

Bea and I, met a couple of months ago through our Creative Studio. We wanted to invite top Miami Bloggers who generate great content after the experiences that they have lived. We met at Glamnight, a beauty event which we organized at Wework Miami Beach. We connected instantaneously. We have a lot of things in common and nowadays we love hanging out and creating cool stuff together. All while enjoying a drink or a yummy brunch! We love making our own photoshoots, talking about life and the lastest trends in advertising and marketing.

Today, we met at Buena Vista Deli to enjoy a delicious brunch. The only things better than the french baguettes and Panther coffee, were the things I learned about Bea.

What inspired you to become a creative blogger?

I need to express what I see in my daily life. However, it’s not only about thinking creatively, but also about analyzing and defining the creative concept that lies behind the picture I am taking in that specific moment. So that’s why Instagram was the perfect outlet to express myself. I love taking pictures, writing, fashion, visual arts, photography, my city…so Instagram allows me to combine all of that in my creative profile. I have a keen eye for putting things together and apparently people like it! I wouldn’t define my Instagram (@bea_torres) as a fashion or style profile, I would say it’s a creative platform where I share my unique vision about my Miami life. I find my inspiration in a lot of fashion blogs, but mostly I follow photographers or designers with a very minimal and unique style.

One hour with – Creative Interview Bea Torres IG profile

Define what you do in only one sentence

I design creative and minimal moments throughout my daily life while sharing my unique style with my photography.

What was your initial vision of “Miami and the city”?

I wouldn’t say I had a vision. I am always taking care of details and the art direction in everything I do; at my job, my personal projects, even if I organize a dinner with friends at my house… everything I do is always creative and picture ready! Miami and the city allows me to share and present my own vision about the city I live in and the kind of lifestyle that I follow. I have always been a trendy girl, so I felt the need to have a creative spot where to share all my creative projects and plans!

Why that name for your instagram?

I’m a huge fan of “Sex and the city” so the name of my Instagram is “Miami and the city”. Plus, Miami is a great place for Instagrammers! Even though is a big city, some areas like Wynwood have great spots for taking pics. I personally love taking pictures at abandoned or empty places like under the bridges or the marine stadium.

One hour with – Creative Interview Bea Torres

What skills are very important for your profession? What does being a Creative Director mean?

In my professional life, I work as an Associate Creative Director at Alma. It requires being an inspiring mind, a creative soul always on top of the things and last trends, have great ideas and not be scared of sharing them with your team or your Art Director. You need to be up to date with the last trendy and innovative actions as well as being able to be focused 100% in the creative concept you are working at that moment. I would also say that I have some great art direction skills. This means knowing how to put things together and having a defined style and aesthetic. I’m not an Art Director or Photographer but I love acquiring great skills and ideas from those who are on Instagram. I am a creative person very detail and visual oriented. These type of skills you acquired them day by day, trying new things, experiencing, making mistake and trying to learn from them.

Tell us about the most exciting moments while being a creative blogger…

Being a non-stop Iger has a lot of cool and exciting things. I would say that it’s really exciting when brands or venues repost your pictures because they liked them and they think they are cool. I really love when fashion brands consider me as an “influencer” and share my content in their own Instagram Profiles. Also, I love it when some brands want to hire you to work on projects together just because they loved your style and vibe that you have.

One hour with – Creative Interview Bea Torres

What does Miami have that other cities don’t

A booming art scene! Miami it’s a place where being an artist is actually possible. And this movement is catapulting Miami worldwide. It’s interesting living here now and being able to see how the cultural profile is growing. I think it’s a city that fuels creativity.

What is your drink of choice to end the night?

A Mojito, always!

One hour with – Creative Interview Bea Torres

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Do you accept Nutella as a meal? Because I could survive on it forever.


Bea, it’s been as always an honor spending time with you at this “ONE HOUR WITH” . Love your Creative Mind and Soul, the world needs more women like you! Follow her if you love creative instagram profiles, this girl posts super cool stuff!

One hour with – Creative Interview Bea Torres


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