Laure De Sagazan NYC Bridal Showroom

Laure De Sagazan NYC Bridal Showroom is located in Soho, New York. There Bridal Showroom is one of the leading Bridal Design Showrooms in New York. The team is led by Eugenie, a beautiful and smart French Girl who took the challenge to manage the brad in the US Market. The Brand was born in France in 2011, by Laure, the owner.


Laure De Sagazan NYC Bridal Showroom & The Creative’s Loft Weddings & Events are partnering together for the US Bridal Market. The unique and delicate European taste made Adriana Cadet, our founder, fell in love! She knows the brand since it’s creation. At that time she was living in Europe and dreamed about wearing one of LDS dresses one day!

“We love partnering with European Talent who emerge and stand out in the US Market. It’s very important to give support to those who share a similar story and have a great talented mind and vision” says Adriana Cadet, founder of the studio.

Since they open their Bridal Atelier in Soho – New York, both studios have been in touch and building relations to bring to the bridal US market a different Bridal Style & Concept. The US Market has a different vision of the bride and there is a lack of a delicate European Style. Together, they offer the appropriate styling advice to their brides in both markets. Photography by Jean Laurent Gaudy.

LaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlanner LaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlannerLaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlannerLaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlanner LaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlannerLaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlanner LaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlannerLaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlannerLaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlanner LaureDeSagazan_NYC_JeanLaurentGaudy-TheCreativesLoft-NYCWeddingPlanner

They partner with us to achieve the European Bridal Dream…

The Creative’s Loft was seeking for a European Bridal Designer who matches our Bridal Style. This was PERFECTION! We traveled to NYC this year and were able to meet the team! Their team and atelier blew us away…it’s a dream in the heart of Soho, New York. The stunning design of the Atelier, their entire collections, every little detail…it makes us feel like home! They provide a very personal attention to the bride; each bride is unique and the appointments are set for at least 1 hour. Together with their stunning accessories collection and the touch of Eugenie, brides are in heaven!


Finally, are are waiting for you to visit!

Laure De Sagazan NYC Bridal Showroom & The Creative’s Loft Weddings & Events are ready to meet this European Style Bride! You can get in touch with us and we will put you in contact directly with them!

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