Our New Brand Identity is here! Minimal, Elegant & Unique

Our New Brand Identity is here!

Our New Brand Identity has been born Creative Community! It’s been a few months working on this project. The Creative’s Loft Miami & NYC Wedding Planning Studio has evolved in the past year a lot. Our studio is known for planning & styling one of a kind events, social soirees and weddings. The markets are demanding more and more, unique and different experiences all around the world.

First of all, our clients have higher standards and want to comply with their dreams! YAY! That’s our favorite part…as it means E-VO-LU-TION! In addition, we always state that “Change is the only constant”. Thus, The Creative’s Loft Studio and its team have experienced in the past few years, a big change!

We wanted to share with you our new Branding! Refreshing, Elegant, Unique, Minimal…in one sentence “Less is more” – Adriana Cadet, founder of the studio


The spirit of a brand relies on the soul of its team and pure essence. The Creative’s Loft Miami & NYC Wedding Planning Studio is composed by #GirlBoss Women with extended experience in Wedding & Event Planning & Styling. Hardworking ladies who strive for success, excellence, perfection and creativity. In one word; hence, they want it all!

Also, as a young entrepreneur, Adriana Cadet designed and shaped her studio with a very specific purpose; bring to the US a unique vision for the Weddings & Events World. Furthermore, her savoir-faire is a direct heritage brought from all her years and experiences in Europe. She is creative, refreshing and and endless thinker.

Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way and work them really hard & keep your next move to yourself – Adriana Cadet, Founder.